Jon Wolfe w/ Randall King
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Jon Wolfe

Randall King

Ages 18+
Jon Wolfe w/ guest Randall King at Twisted J Live
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Jon Wolfe

The best introduction to Jon Wolfe is the basic yet not-so-simple fact that he’s a country singer and songwriter. To listen to Jon Wolfe is to learn his story — from small town Oklahoma, to a bustling big-city oil commodities trading floor, to the dance halls and honky-tonks of Texas and Oklahoma, to Music Row — and to witness his faith in the power of music and determination to touch the hearts of others with something that means so much to him.

His sound is informed by the great singers that inspired Wolfe — like George Strait, Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, and Dwight Yoakam — yet fired by his own contemporary energy and vision. With three highly-lauded studio albums in his repertoire, Wolfe’s garnered twelve consecutive Top Ten singles (six have hit No.1), positioning him as a must-see act in Texas, Oklahoma, and well beyond. Wolfe’s debut studio album It All Happened In A Honky Tonk (2010) became such a regional success that it was re-released by Warner Music Nashville in 2013.

The blend of rawness and accessibility of Natural Man (2015) gave Wolfe the undeniable identity of a torchbearer for country music. Any Night In Texas (2017) - Wolfe’s most recent and proudest collection of songs to date - landed at #3 on iTunes Country, #15 on Billboard Country, and continues to burn up the charts. Wolfe invites country music fans everywhere to dust off your boots, spin his music, and come see the electrifying live show that has everyone talking.

Randall King

Humble beginnings, a cultivated work ethic and the influences of classic country legends, synchronized together in perfect harmony, make up singer-songwriter from the West Texas Plains, Randall King.

Growing up a fourth generation hay-hauler, many of King’s songs are written and inspired by his deep southern heritage and family roots.

King was raised listening to the rich and soulful, classic country voices of Keith Whitley, George Strait and Alan Jackson, to name a few, which helped create King’s musical style into what many have described as neo-traditional country. “Randall King remains to the heart and soul of country music, but no doubt brings his own unique brand to the genre,” says hit songwriter Mark Nesler.

“Ever since I was little I wanted to sing - I would never shut up - My dad one day finally kicked me to the back of the suburban because I wouldn't stop,” recalls King of his younger days. “He said, ‘son we love you singing, but just be quiet for a minute and listen to the song’ and I said okay. After a little bit of doing that he told my mom, ‘if he doesn't shut up we might as well get him a guitar and put him in some lessons.’ And that what’s dad did. I was 7 when I got my first guitar.”

He soon began taking lessons from Western Swing Music Society of the Southwest Hall of Famer, Rick Sudduth, who was involved in a tragic accident at the cotton gin where he worked nearly 51 years earlier that severed his middle and ring fingers. The now retired musician, whose injury prevents him from teaching by example, used charts to explain finger placement and technique during King’s lessons. King attributes being exposed to Sudduth’s determination and persistence as the reason why he started and continued to pursue a career as a musician.

Starting his college career at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas as a business major and a music minor, King quickly learned that to be successful you need to study what you’re passionate about. “I was talking to someone and they said, ‘if you're going to minor in something in college, you might as well make it your major, because if you're not going to go all in on your major that you think you need a backup plan, that needs to be your major.’ I majored in business and minored in music at Tech for about a year and a half and then I said, ‘I’m done,’ and I just went all in on music.”

Shortly following his enrollment at Tech, King transferred to South Plains College, one of the most prestigious audio engineering schools, where he changed his major to Sound Engineering. King’s upcoming album, which he wrote and produced almost entirely himself, stands as a testament to the craft he has honed since college.

“It’s really stressful [producing your own record], because you have to keep so much in mind when you go into the studio. As an artist you want to express yourself - you wanna let loose - do some creative fun things, but if you're not careful you'll get too artsy and you'll steer away from what you really do. So when you go in, you have to keep an open mind, but you also have to keep a closed mind at the same time. Whereas when you're just an artist going in, and you have a producer there to tell you what to do it’s different . So I have to be very cautious and strict when I go and really stick to what I do,” explains King of being self-produced.

As both a writer and producer, King posses a wide range of ability to tackle a deep ballad one minute and a fun, uptempo track the next.

King considers “Tuggin’ on my Heart Strings,” which he co-wrote with Anthony Smith (“Run” and “Cowboys Like Us” – recorded by George Strait), a song off his forthcoming record, to best showcase his personality. With this song, King says, “we opened up the lyrics to be more fun and humorous, while the other songs lyrics from the record are more deeply focused.”

“A Reason to Quit” is one of those. "My grandma loves the song, she loves what it’s about, and she loves what it represents. She and my pawpaw were married for 65 years. They loved each other; they’d been with each other their whole lives. When my grandfather passed away 3 months ago, she asked me to play that song [at his funeral]. I got up by his casket and played that song for him, and it was hard. It’s a hard song to still get through and play because of what it represents. It’s not really about my grandpa and my grandma but it reflects them in ways that I didn’t really realize when we wrote it," says King.

With a sound rooted in tradition and songwriting that showcases honesty, conviction and authenticity, King connects with fans on all emotional levels. “Randall King has a great voice that sounds classic, yet is fresh and as a songwriter he actually has something to say – be it something that touches your heart or something simple and fun that makes you wanna get out and raise some hell. The boy is good,” said multiaward-winning and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Anthony Smith.

King certainly has something to say with “Another Bullet.” Widely considered the last true Texas Cowboy when he passed away in 1989, Tom Blasingame, who inspired King’s 2016 EP title-track, “Another Bullet,” worked at the Goodnight Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, which is also where King graduated high school. Born in 1898, Tom was no stranger to the changes of a modernized world and made every effort to stay true to the simple cowboy way of life.

While most country bands consist of guitars, bass, drums and a fiddle, King’s live set features the cryin’ of the steel guitar; one of country music’s original instruments. King has recently performed with artists such as Lee Brice, William Michael Morgan, Tracy Byrd, Cody Johnson, Robert Earl Keen and more.

Unlike the west Texas wind, King is a grounded and talented singer-songwriter who is sure to stay. "There’s a lot of people that want country music to come back around, and there’s a lot of people that will say you have to sell out and play radio hits to make it. I think for me I want to make my stamp as an artist with this record, that I can be me and still make an impact across the country. Not sellin’ out, just bein’ me. Just country.”

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